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princesszhing's Journal

little projects in style
29 September
hello! this is my little world of pretty and fun things! i love freckles, cupcakes, wedding planning, tea parties, ballet, letterpress stationery, anything vintage, my boy and anything you can add salt to. we are currently living in a neat itsy-bitsy apartment in tokyo and exploring this bustling city bit by bit! i adore add a little bit of zhing into every project i work on in love and in life! say hi to me at princess_zhing@yahoo.com! xxx,zhing

backstage, beach holidays, breakfast in bed, cute cards, dancing, english breakfast tea, fairies, fine stationery, fireworks, fling lingerie, funny brollies, glamour, grapefruit, iced cupcakes, jazzercize, killer heels, ladybugs, lingerie, little dogs, little twin stars, magazines, manicures, massage, navy stripes, passion suite, patterned tissue, pink polka dots, pink uggs, popiah, purple lace, purple trunks, ranunculus in bouquets, shopping, simply bread, straight teeth, strawberry shortcake, swiss chocolate, team jen, theatre on broadway, toast, vintage cars