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why proofreading is important..

got this from one of those forwarded emails from daniel. and had a good giggle about it! :) 

"People should make time to think of suitable & appropriate domain names
for their business. The following domains are real (and work safe).
Click on them and find out.

Firstly there is "Who Represents" a database for agencies to the rich
and famous: http://www.whorepresents.com.

Second is the "Experts Exchange", a knowledge base where programmers can
exchange advice and views (this has now been changed with a hyphen, but
the address still works): http://www.expertsexchange.com

Looking for a pen? Look no further than "Pen Island": http://www.penisland.net.

Need a therapist? Try "Therapist Finder" http://www.therapistfinder.com.

And last but not least, we have the "Mole Station Native Nursery", based
in New South Wales : http://www.molestationnursery.com ."

i guess thats why copywriters are still in business! :)
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pretty paper makes me swoon...

its 9 days to valentines' day! and as much as i reject all cliche expressions of love, i do love it that all the stores in japan are filled with strawberry flavoured snacks and stocked with the cutest things in all hues of pink.. girly overdose

im completely smitten by mr boddington's stationery! aren't they adorable?

p.s. im so so excited about a little (but BIG) project im working on. i can hardly keep a lid on it! :) but i promise it will be good!! hopefully i'll have all my ducks in a row soooon! :)
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lazy in takadanobaba

yesterday, i hung out with some girlies from work at takadanobaba! known for their student hangouts and late night bars but i LOVE saying that word now. makes me sound way cooler! :) we were all squished up in new york style ben's cafe for lunch (who by the way serves excellent quiches) and having a good old natter. an indulgent 5 hour long chat in the middle of the week and it was lovely!

we also followed the recommendation of dear tricia and found blue parrot bookstore, an excellent place to find 2nd hand english books. but since i've recently restocked my bookshelves in india, i kept a look out for old children books to add to my collection.

what a gem!! i used to own tonnes of ladybug books when i was a wee little gal.

the lovely pictures...

and the good ole fuzzy farm dog!! 

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gong hey fatt choi!!

now we have stayed wayyy past beddy-byes time, eaten "reunion" dinner and realized that CNY is NOT saturday and in fact is tomorrow! charming... (thanks internet. for once, you've let me down). we're going to bed in our brand new jammies secure in the knowledge that our parents will all live past a million years!! :) 

happy chinese new year folks! :) may this year be filled with bunny kisses and carrots.

the allenders
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have your cake and eat it too..

we're going through out pals' wedding pictures and reminiscing ours at the same time! remember the wedding cake saga? i can't believe it has only been 6 months! i feels like forever!!

we ended up with vanilla-violet on one layer and fruit (summer berry) on the other and a chocolate ganache layer to save for our anniversary. i think our wedding cake flavours say INDECISIVE.

what does yours say? (or what flavour do you fancy!?)
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how to cycle chic?

my dear little bike has taken me to awesome places. but as most people have pointed out, its a little sportier than i am. i had wanted a mamachari (a utility bike) with a basket and a step-through frame so a, i can wear skirts and b, there is a place to perch my ladybags. but instead, i was taken by its clean, matt black finish and crazy gears. such a sucker..

meanwhile, my bike fashion has gone wayward. in my defense, its SUPER cold these days in japan. so the only thing that works on my bike is pants/jeans, thermal fleece and my down jacket. (and sometimes even a balaclava) oh! and sensible shoes. i have pair of patent stilettos with completely scoffed up sole and leather. pain.. also, because i've successfully ruined the base of my kate-spades slinging it over the handlebars, i've stopped carrying purses. bag of choice - handmade pink polka dotted sling bag. cute but hardly chic or sexy.

even my sweet pals judge me and toss me a "oh! you're riding today, huh?" when they see my outfit. just a sidenote, on regular non-biking day, i DO NOT dress like a man with pink polka-dotted bag. im very aware that its not a good look for me.

so, im told all of them french women look this way on their bikes cruising down the seine. je ne comprends pas. surely it must be cold out there and she doesn't look like she is wearing a down jacket under that oh-so-chic cape..

so question is: 

1) how in the world am i going to look like this madly stylish french lady? (for real, your hat doesn't fly off when you ride?)
2) or should i suck it up and bust out the ladybags and pencil skirts still? 
3) do i need to buy a new bike?

{picture via bussbuss}
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yuki des

despite my nasty bout of cold, i dragged myself out of bed. daniel's philosophy about discipline and responsibility. frankly, i was too ill to email my boss.

so honey lemon, cough meds, cold tablets and me made it into work on sunday. *sigh* only to be treated with my first flurry of snow in tokyo and the luxury of having the only classroom in school with windows. and even though the backdrop of roppongi was not as romantic as i would have liked, it was so so pretty and it sure put a spring in my step all afternoon.

it was magical. and im all better now..

you know what the french say... "a year of snow, a year of plenty."

im ready for the plenty!!
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daily adventures in yoyogi park

a couple weeks ago, we decided we were going to do something fun involving musashi. so we packed him up in his carrier and took the little munchkin to a HUGE park! so big we hardly covered it!

we first heard of yoyogi in the context of their ellusive flea markets where i quote, "there (were) vintage chanel and ferragamo bags for sale just like pasar malam. but all real!!". but never found it!! but since its one of the biggest public parks in tokyo within reasonable distance from home, so we thought we'd give it a go. still no flea market in sight but there were so many people enjoying the cold outdoors, groups of children playing baseball, people practising their musical instruments and of course cute dogs out for walks. apparently, also a popular place for running groups to convene and train which made daniel a little "inggit" (envious).

musashi looking a little shellshocked. it was a cold day and he got dressed in his doggie puffer and scarf. smart choice, buddy!

looking a little apprehensive. i guess in our little apartment, he is really not too used to having space to run.

but once he discovered the charms of running and rolling in crunchy autumn leaves, there was no stopping!

worst part of his day - when i clean his face..

balancing carefully on a wooden stump for some pictures..

cuddles with dad!! i guess we overdid the running a little because when he was all covered in bits of leaves and dirt. and became a little grey dog!! and he was so pooped he fell sound asleep in his carrier even before we got home. and the cutest thing was his doggie-mares all night long. he'd yelp and bark and gesticulate wildly at nothing. its kinda funny and "poor-thing" at the same time.

oh... im missing the sunshine this weekend. im nursing a nasty nasty bout of cold at home, all rugged up with warm teas and soups. we did promise the little one that we'd go to Inokashira park in Kichijoji (吉祥寺) this weekend so he could get a breath of fresh air. sorry muffinpie, i guess you'd have to settle for some germy cuddles at home instead...
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my favorite things: origami paper

im a nut for scrap paper. i keep them religiously in a box and use them in gift wrapping, labels, tags and sometimes i'll shred it up and mod-podge it into something pretty.

not to point fingers (at you, ma...) but this paper obsession started way back when i was a little girl. and i'd rip through my packs of origami paper making heart, garlands, boxes and my favorite of them all.... snip through a stack of them to make colourful confetti (and then make my brothers throw them at me like im a bride.. i tell you, its in my DNA!!). i guess it was an inexpensive and easy way to keep my active mind occupied.

after that many years, i made a crane again! (assisted by youtube!)

i blame it on the father in law who made me take him to hyaakku-en (100yen) store. the biggest one in town, 4 levels tall, at harajuku is a treasure trove of cuties!! there is absolutely no way anyone can walk out with nothing in their hands. so i bought a little pack of origami paper. (and 32 other little things..)

75mm x 75mm of pure fun. this kami paper is thin and printed on one side. but im totally digging the pattern! mochi balls & onigiri.. love them both!

classic red flowers & little pink wooden dolls..

furoshiki (fabric wrapped bentos) & some little friends from the sea.. kawaii ne!!

great stay-home activity for me today.. im thinking if i wanna make a garland for spring?? or maybe a origami necklace. hmm. decisions decisions!!

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book lusts: this little piggy went to prada

we're back! and thrown right into the thick of things. both of us, thankful that we didn't suffer from any delhi belly, jumped right back to work, took dad out for a feast and did 3 huge loads of laundry, only to collapse with a huge headaches and fevers. i guess we're not young chickens anymore and perhaps this might be the last of our overnight multi-city hops.

but we're home!!!

this is a frivolous book i'd love to add to collection!!

tongue in cheek nursery rhymes for the fashionista-mom!

with gorgeous watercolour images so captivating and beautiful...

ok. the secret is out. im not a sophisticated reader but love love love!! you can find it here.

talking about fashion, my recent experiments has failed miserably. applaudable efforts, i reckon, but not quite the response/effect intended!! i'll see if im brave enough to dig out some pictures. oh well, maybe best to stick to my down jacket and thermal underwear! *sigh*