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on friday morning, we were camping out in the living room. and i was woken up by daniel's "baby! its snowing outside...".

and it was so pretty!

a warm toasty bed, breakfast in bed, two absolute munchkins to snuggle with and a view of the fluttery soft snow against the tokyo cityscape was as romantic as japanese living gets.

a light dusting of snow on little japanese houses.

a quiet serene that woke up the city.

our little bamboo garden covered in snow.

i somewhat optimistically started working my spring outfits earlier in week when the weather rose to 13 degrees. its funny how one winter changes you. when i first arrived, i was FREEZING in 19 degrees. now, i start wearing shorter skirts once it hits double digits!!

but then, it started snowing out of the blue. and im back in my thermal & down jackets again!
Tags: d+z, good things, japan

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