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tokyo eats: beacon

even though i have most of my weekday mornings & afternoons off work, i hardly explore town much. so it was a nice treat yesterday when the girls met up before work to celebrate eunah's birthday! :)

gorgeous eunah & anna!!

lady who lunch!

the food was delish!! each of us ordered a different dish but all of them were excellent. i tried the {specials: okinawan pork donburi} and it was so yummy i finished everything!! and of course, with space for a dessert platter!

happy birthday, hon! :) and no, you don't look 38.

the bread pudding was my favorite but the others loved the pumpkin cheesecake!!

the plan was to pop next door for some pierre herme macarons. but we were stuffed after the indulgent lunch!! so we hit the stores in omotesando instead!!

1-2-5 shibuya
shibuya-ku, tokyo 150-0002

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