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crafts: new year pajamas

mum reminded me pretty late that we were meant to have brand new jammies for chu-xi (new year eve). for good luck and stuff. so i decided to man up and sew up some pajamas pants. i would have loved to have a matching top but my sewing skill are not quite THERE yet.

with 2 meters of each fabric, i used exisiting home lounge-wear as a template and made super basic drawstring pants. the construction was super easy. but its my first time so it took a little less than 2 hours for each piece. good news was, it left me enough fabric (and time) to put together something cute for musashi too.

i like how all three pieces came together easily yet not compromising on each other' style. (daniel would not wear pink pjs. true story.)

matchy matchy with daddy, all many with his bow-tie!

his vest is reversible. the under side goes with my fabric ( you can see a peek of it) with blossoms on the collar. so he can embrace his feminine side. and be like his mummy. just sayin'!

with little scraps, i also hand sewed up a little headpiece.

and in a hurry (because we thought new year was a few days later..) we pulled together a "photo backdrop" in our guest bedroom with makeshift reflector things, flash things and tripods.. how very DIY of everyone!! the little baby got a little tired of the attention, flashes & mucking around (can you tell from his face?). all he wanted was to stare adoringly into our eyes. hence this shot. oh well! at least we caught a few good ones earlier.

the jammies went through the wash and came out even softer than ever! and daniel, who is a general fusspot, has been wearing them each time they're dry. yayy :) i think im gonna pick up more fun fabric so i can whisk up a few more jammies in my free time! :) 
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