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birthday boys unite!

25 years ago on this very day, i got the best present ever! a life-size toy, loyal playmate and best friend for life. i was really excited back then cos it meant i didn't have to make awkward friendships with random dudes in supermarkets (true story.) anyway, how that little boy grew bigger and smarter than me, i have no idea. but despite the age difference, he was always the wisest, sweetest and calmest one in our other-wise lethally firey equation. maybe its the middle child syndrome or maybe smart brains click differently, he'd always sit back, watch up and come up with some super zen one-liner that makes the world a better place. actually, he makes the world a better place period.

i have many lovely memories of him. but one of my all-time favorite happened shortly after the announcement of my first major academic results. back then, the little 9 year old went around telling all his pals what a smart sister he had. somebody's parent, who found that completely adorable, told mum and boy! did that make me tingly and a little teary. and from then on, i wanted to be nothing but the BEST so my brothers would be proud of me. actually, i still do.

the funny part is that in time to come, this same unassuming little boy did way better and continued to kick my ass in everything till today.

didi, im sooo proud of you!!! (and p.s. you look exactly like mama here!!) 

he's not one for pictures. while the other two of us flash our major-watt, bright eyed smiles at our photographer dad, song would always be caught looking disinterested and bored or rolling his eyes. so these pictures from our recent get-together are really precious! 

when he got home to UK safely, he sent us a message about missing us, and his cold room, creaky floor boards and toilet bowl (read: not like our bidet with random spritzing tendencies...) it kinda broke my heart. so we're getting him a heated bidet for birthday. probably one of the weirdest birthday gifts of all times.

love you, our little squirrel!! miss you...

and closer to our home, my dearest father in law celebrated his birthday with us this year! he had a lovely time wandering around yokohama chinatown and did way more than we've done in the last few months! we also took him to our favorite fancy schmancy sushi joint in roppongi and ordered up like a local from the sushi bar! also, we're kinda glad that musashi is completely enamoured by his grand-dad. at the same time, a little sad that he doesn't want us anymore. i think my mother in law is right. the real question is not whether the little one will miss us, more like if WE would survive being without him..

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, our darlings!! life's awesome with the both of you!

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