February 14th, 2020

le macarons

a day for lovin' and movin'..

happy lovin' day, darlings! :) is it a pretty day, your side of the world? we woke up to blue skies, no snow and a sleepy puppy!

im very excited today because i've been waiting for ages to share this little news. we're moving to little projects in style.

are you still with me? 

since i decided a few weeks ago, i've been working on the new space, getting my head wrapped around the new knobs and bumps. this blog will still remain, so i will still be reading about your lives but no new content will be uploaded here. so to see all my new jazz and sparkles, just click on the image above or follow the link below. so come, pack your prettiest tea dresses, sparkly clutches and stilettos, pop in for a cuppa tea!

little projects in style :: by zhing

p.s. for the sweethearts who have bookmarked this blog, please remember to update the address and/or add us on your google reader! and leave your comments at my new spot! i'd love to still be pals!

farewell for now, my dears! see you on the other side:)

with all my love,
zhing & her valentines.