February 6th, 2011

le macarons

why proofreading is important..

got this from one of those forwarded emails from daniel. and had a good giggle about it! :) 

"People should make time to think of suitable & appropriate domain names
for their business. The following domains are real (and work safe).
Click on them and find out.

Firstly there is "Who Represents" a database for agencies to the rich
and famous: http://www.whorepresents.com.

Second is the "Experts Exchange", a knowledge base where programmers can
exchange advice and views (this has now been changed with a hyphen, but
the address still works): http://www.expertsexchange.com

Looking for a pen? Look no further than "Pen Island": http://www.penisland.net.

Need a therapist? Try "Therapist Finder" http://www.therapistfinder.com.

And last but not least, we have the "Mole Station Native Nursery", based
in New South Wales : http://www.molestationnursery.com ."

i guess thats why copywriters are still in business! :)
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le macarons

comfort food: bak hoo toast

nothing makes me happier on a wintry morning than a huge chunk of freshly toasted bread, buttered, covered with bak hoo & drizzled with condensed milk. probably not the healthiest breakfast option but sure makes me warm and fuzzy inside!

what do you eat when you miss home?