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happy valentine's day..

like a jaded old lady, i've not celebrated nor believed in valentine's day in a long while!!

seriously! i proudly announce that i 'don't do v-day', 'no lar.. no need presents!' and even to the extent of openly scoffing couples with ugly bouquets, strolling down orchard road with contrived 'lovey-dovey' poses.. *shudder*


don’t get me wrong. I believe in love and romance. I love flowers on all other occasions (or 'just because') and romantic gestures but a declaration of love in unison? Not up my alley! its a good thing zew was super smart and asked weeks ago if i was available on 'thursday evening' cos if he had uttered or even thought of mentioning the "V" word, i would have flatly rejected! i even made him promise it was a ery chill, no drama event! haha.. such a rebel.

can't even pin point what was the cause of my spite because through the years, i have been.. *ahem* pretty well-loved. and kudos to my aversion to the occasion, i reckon the boys i dated saved quite a bit of money! (seriously! Flowers are marked up by more than 50%!! And the v-day set dinners are exorbitantly priced!) Guess the whole v-day pizzazz just didn't strike my fancy! don't even recall when it started but it must have been sometime after JC because i recall being extremely thrilled after receiving some 100 paper cranes from my then-beau and a tiny clustered posy of roses...

oh ya! And im SUPER proud that i narrowed down the suspects and pin-pointed the right culprit that sent deaf her gorgeous but mystery bunch of flowers last year!! Weehee! Way to go, nancy drew!

and despite fervent reminders..

someone/people did not receive the memo... *cue “kwa-kwa” sound effect* and they were delivered to my door-step in the most dramatic fashion!! Mum was having a field trip in the morning texting me excitedly, updating me in her limited vocab of flowers as they were delivered, running through the list of possible candidates! It was plain hilarious! I’m glad i made her day!!

Ok. *breathes* So here goes.

Thanks hon, for the roses! I’m sure they are super pretty! and whoever sent the other bunch of flowers! Thank you much! But own up buddy, have some balls!! Cos “someone far away” is just not enough information to start my game of cluedo!  

To the rest of the lovelies out there braving the crowd, happy valentine’s day! Here’s to ever-lasting, tingly, toe-curling romance that lasts for a lifetime!! (or at least for the rest of the year to come..)




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Feb. 15th, 2008 07:43 pm (UTC)
I just wanted you to know... I know I don't usually comment but I absolutely love reading your entries. Your personality is OH SO cute! And it shows in all your entries!!!!

Hope you had a good Valentine's Day. <3
Feb. 16th, 2008 04:50 pm (UTC)
awww. thanks babe!!! ;) its a pleasure to have known you thru LJ!
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