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a day for lovin' and movin'..

happy lovin' day, darlings! :) is it a pretty day, your side of the world? we woke up to blue skies, no snow and a sleepy puppy!

im very excited today because i've been waiting for ages to share this little news. we're moving to little projects in style.

are you still with me? 

since i decided a few weeks ago, i've been working on the new space, getting my head wrapped around the new knobs and bumps. this blog will still remain, so i will still be reading about your lives but no new content will be uploaded here. so to see all my new jazz and sparkles, just click on the image above or follow the link below. so come, pack your prettiest tea dresses, sparkly clutches and stilettos, pop in for a cuppa tea!

little projects in style :: by zhing

p.s. for the sweethearts who have bookmarked this blog, please remember to update the address and/or add us on your google reader! and leave your comments at my new spot! i'd love to still be pals!

farewell for now, my dears! see you on the other side:)

with all my love,
zhing & her valentines.
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a heart-to-heart & more importantly... a kawaii giveaway!!

so, its has been three days only and i miss this blog a little. even though the other one is spanking new and fancy schmancy (by my very basic computing skill standards), this one is familiar and comforting and pink.. im obviously not very good at ending relationships and moving on. c'est la vie!

anyway, its with great excitement that i share this piece of good news here too,
sparklethots has kindly offered to send one of our readers their own little “you are special” gift set right to your door step, international shipping included:

please visit {little projects in style} for more giveaway details & all that good stuff.

bonne chance, ma cherie! :)
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life in black and white

on friday morning, we were camping out in the living room. and i was woken up by daniel's "baby! its snowing outside...".

and it was so pretty!

a warm toasty bed, breakfast in bed, two absolute munchkins to snuggle with and a view of the fluttery soft snow against the tokyo cityscape was as romantic as japanese living gets.

a light dusting of snow on little japanese houses.

a quiet serene that woke up the city.

our little bamboo garden covered in snow.

i somewhat optimistically started working my spring outfits earlier in week when the weather rose to 13 degrees. its funny how one winter changes you. when i first arrived, i was FREEZING in 19 degrees. now, i start wearing shorter skirts once it hits double digits!!

but then, it started snowing out of the blue. and im back in my thermal & down jackets again!
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in the kitchen:: braised pork belly

im definitely not a pro in the kitchen. we've grown up in the company of excellent chefs in the family & very doting domestic helpers so there hasn't been a need to learn how to cook. the first time i tried cooking was in home-ed class and i burnt my oxtail stew.. yeah not one of my best high school moments. but yes, i BURNT a stew. but recently, one of my blog-readers, sherl suggested that i post my "kitchen escapades". i giggled a little because it sure makes my everyday cooking sound like some culinary adventure! and i love it! :) 


so! braised pork belly. or as we endearingly call it "grandma's soy sauce pork", is one of our home favorites! im not entirely sure if its really a hainanese dish but my grandma does a real good job with this dish. she cooks it for hours over a charcoal stove into deliciously savoury chunks of meal that fall off the fat! hmmm...

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valentines' day ideas : b mine

do you celebrate valentines' day?

i don't quite but i'll take flowers anyday! in japan, they celebrate feb 14 with the ladies presenting their darlings with boxes of chocolates. usually pink and all dolled up. and one month later, on white day, the boys return the favour with chocs/gifts/rings etc. its fascinating cos it technically  means the girlies have to make the first move, right? and then wait for a month to see if dude loves you back!? but im loving the abundance of chocolates in stores and pink-everything-imaginable!!

i have some little valentines project up my sleeves and hopefully it'll work out ok! :) but if you don't already have plans, this one is brilliant! whether you're running out of gift ideas, eco-friendly or just excited to share a little more lovin', these e-cards are the perfect solution! the gallery is gorgeous and so so spoilt for choice!!

kate spade has totally up the ante again!! there's no excuse now for forgetting to send your valentines! :)

btw, which one is your favorite? im in love with the third one (caitlin mcgauley). i've traded in my uber cute 2010 organizer for a zen muji one. and am missing the whimsical quotes and watercolour paintings already!! now, to draw up a list of who to send it to!!

** am having a giggle over this post from 3 years ago. dated back when we were in we'rekindadatingbutnotquitethereyet mode.
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tokyo eats: beacon

even though i have most of my weekday mornings & afternoons off work, i hardly explore town much. so it was a nice treat yesterday when the girls met up before work to celebrate eunah's birthday! :)

gorgeous eunah & anna!!

lady who lunch!

the food was delish!! each of us ordered a different dish but all of them were excellent. i tried the {specials: okinawan pork donburi} and it was so yummy i finished everything!! and of course, with space for a dessert platter!

happy birthday, hon! :) and no, you don't look 38.

the bread pudding was my favorite but the others loved the pumpkin cheesecake!!

the plan was to pop next door for some pierre herme macarons. but we were stuffed after the indulgent lunch!! so we hit the stores in omotesando instead!!

1-2-5 shibuya
shibuya-ku, tokyo 150-0002

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crafts: new year pajamas

mum reminded me pretty late that we were meant to have brand new jammies for chu-xi (new year eve). for good luck and stuff. so i decided to man up and sew up some pajamas pants. i would have loved to have a matching top but my sewing skill are not quite THERE yet.

with 2 meters of each fabric, i used exisiting home lounge-wear as a template and made super basic drawstring pants. the construction was super easy. but its my first time so it took a little less than 2 hours for each piece. good news was, it left me enough fabric (and time) to put together something cute for musashi too.

i like how all three pieces came together easily yet not compromising on each other' style. (daniel would not wear pink pjs. true story.)

matchy matchy with daddy, all many with his bow-tie!

his vest is reversible. the under side goes with my fabric ( you can see a peek of it) with blossoms on the collar. so he can embrace his feminine side. and be like his mummy. just sayin'!

with little scraps, i also hand sewed up a little headpiece.

and in a hurry (because we thought new year was a few days later..) we pulled together a "photo backdrop" in our guest bedroom with makeshift reflector things, flash things and tripods.. how very DIY of everyone!! the little baby got a little tired of the attention, flashes & mucking around (can you tell from his face?). all he wanted was to stare adoringly into our eyes. hence this shot. oh well! at least we caught a few good ones earlier.

the jammies went through the wash and came out even softer than ever! and daniel, who is a general fusspot, has been wearing them each time they're dry. yayy :) i think im gonna pick up more fun fabric so i can whisk up a few more jammies in my free time! :) 
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dad & baby bonding time

every evening, we let the munchkin out into the foyer for a quick run, just to move his little feet so he doesn't turn into a fatty bom-bah. he's been eating so well recently and i hate to reduce his food intake. but he has to be kept to a strict 3kg so we can transport him internationally when we leave japan. hence the additional pressure to stay slim and fit. but given that daniel is athletic and more than 5 times his height, musashi sure packs a fair punch in that little body of his!

the funniest thing is our munchkin is so competitive. if he loses a round, he'd suddenly start sprinting off by himself to get a headstart!! what a perfect fit for us!

my boys, they melt my heart..
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comfort food: bak hoo toast

nothing makes me happier on a wintry morning than a huge chunk of freshly toasted bread, buttered, covered with bak hoo & drizzled with condensed milk. probably not the healthiest breakfast option but sure makes me warm and fuzzy inside!

what do you eat when you miss home?